Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 12, 2016

After breakfast we transferred to the Johannesburg International Airport for our flight to Victoria Falls. When we arrived we found out we had to get a visa to enter the country.  Tomsicks were smart enough to ask about a double entry visa but the rest of us will have to pay twice.  There goes another $60 to support their economy.  We were picked up by Matt at the airport who was very surprised to hear that we were not Israeli and my name was not Doron.  In fact, I think Ordo Tours have me down as Ann Doron.

We had a wonderful sunset cruise on the Zambezi River where we saw a lot of hippos and elephants and a beautiful sunset.  We had some entertainment when we waited for the boat.

After the cruise we had dinner and to bed in our mosquito enclosed bed. 

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