Monday, May 16, 2016

May 15, 2016

After breakfast we headed out for our walking tour of Victoria Falls.  We were handed raincoats and were told we would get wet.  They were right.

We returned to the lodge for lunch where we had a guest join us

 and then headed for the Elephant Preserve for the experience of a lifetime as we went on Safari via elephant.  One good thing is that riding an elephant makes my butt look smaller. The elephants were all rescued from various places and are very well cared for.  They  have 5000 acres to roam and are put in stables at night to keep them safe from poachers. 

At dinner tonight we gave Rodger his prize for taking the most pictures and Lori was the runner up. They both received a bottle of wine. Rodger received some extra "packing material".  Lori decided to share her bottle so she didn't have to carry it home.

We will have time in the morning to pack.

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